Accused Murderer Stands Trial Over Yeezy Sneaker Deal Gone Wrong

Homestead, Florida – A trial opened Tuesday for a man accused of being involved in the killing of a high school senior in April 2020 over a pair of Yeezy sneakers. George Walton, who has pleaded not guilty, is facing charges of second-degree murder, attempted murder, and attempted robbery.

According to records, Walton met the victims at an abandoned house in Homestead. Sergio Berben and Andrea Camps Lacayo, high school sweethearts who resold sneakers for extra money, had arranged to sell three pairs of Yeezy sneakers to Walton for about $935.

During the meeting, Walton requested to try on the shoes, but Berben, the seller, asked to see payment first. It was at this point that another man, Adrian Cosby, approached and allegedly shot both Berben and Camps Lacayo with a firearm.

Berben, the surviving victim, testified during the first day of the trial, detailing how he drove to a nearby turnpike after the shooting and called for help. Prosecutors introduced a 911 call where Berben pleaded for assistance for his girlfriend, who was unresponsive.

Walton’s defense attorney, Alan Greenstein, argued that his client was not accountable for Cosby’s actions and should not be held responsible for the crime. Meanwhile, Cosby, who is awaiting his own trial, faces similar charges as Walton in connection to the incident.

Prosecutors allege that even though Walton did not pull the trigger, he shares equal responsibility for the shooting.

The trial is set to resume on Wednesday.