Accused Highland Park Parade Shooter Changes Tune, Asks for Public Defender

WAUKEGAN, Ill. – Robert Crimo III appeared in court with a newly assigned public defender, Anton Trizna, at his side. In December, Crimo told judge Victoria Rossetti that he wanted to defend himself and requested a speedy trial, resulting in the trial being scheduled for February. However, last week, Crimo changed his mind and asked to have a public defender back on the case. He is facing 21 counts of first-degree murder and 48 counts of attempted murder in connection with the July 2022 mass shooting at the Highland Park Independence Day Parade.

Crimo’s father, Robert Crimo Jr., also appeared in court. His attorney had requested to delay the trial until February of 2025, but prosecutors preferred to have the trial later this year, citing extensive preparation that has been done for the scheduled date next month.

According to ABC7 Legal Analyst Gil Soffer, the case is expected to be complex and last several weeks due to thousands of pages of evidence and hundreds of witnesses to prepare for. The judge asked the public defender’s office to have internal discussions about their readiness for trial, with a court date expected to be set next month.

The accused murderer, Robert Crimo III, has been through a series of changes in legal representation and trial schedule, with the case now expected to proceed in the coming months. It is a high-stake trial with multiple counts and extensive evidence, requiring thorough preparation from both the prosecution and the defense.