A few Families of Victims Outraged By Biden’s Visit to Uvalde.

Image by BiksuTong / Shutterstock.com

There is a ton of shock from families of the victims because of President Joe Biden visiting Uvalde, Texas; after the mass shooting that killed 21 individuals at Robb Elementary School, a nearby correspondent told CNN’s Dependable Sources on Sunday.

I think certain individuals are worried about politicizing this occasion, said Stella Chavez, a correspondent for KERA News. Furthermore, I’ve heard a great deal of shock from individuals.

She said she has heard from people who say, ‘I would rather not center around that, on what might have occurred, what ought to have been occurred, I simply need to zero in on the children.’

When asked whether the family of the victims care about Biden’s visit, Chavez said, she think it relies upon who you inquire. That’s what she feel; generally, the impacted families need to zero in on their friends and family who were killed. Also, she thinks having the head of our nation come here and express, you know, his sympathies means quite a bit to them. However, she likewise know, she’s heard individuals say, this moment isn’t the best opportunity for him to come here.

Chavez, who addressed CNN as the president was en route to Uvalde, added, she truly do believe it’s critical that he’s coming here and particularly so not long after one more comparative excursion to Buffalo, where a horrendous mass shooting likewise occurred.

Concerning the inquiries regarding what took the police such a long time to make a move to stop the shooter, Chavez said that the families certainly need more responses, focusing on that up until this point, the clarifications have been insufficient.

As Biden left Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Uvalde on Sunday, somebody yelled at him as he got into his vehicle, “Follow through with something!” according to various press reports.

“We will,” Biden yelled back, remaining on the edge of the official limousine section of flooring.