A.B. Quintanilla III Calls Out Lackluster San Antonio Crowd During Tejano Music Festival Performance

San Antonio, Texas – A.B. Quintanilla III, the renowned musician, expressed his disappointment with the crowd during a recent performance in San Antonio. The incident occurred during the closing act of the Tejano Explosion 2024 music festival, where Quintanilla and his band, Los Kumbia All Starz, took the stage.

In an unexpected turn of events, Quintanilla paused between songs to address the audience directly, citing a lack of energy and enthusiasm from the crowd. He vented his frustration, questioning why the audience seemed disengaged despite his years of hard work creating music for them to enjoy.

The Corpus Christi native went on to announce that it would be his last performance at Tejano Explosion, declaring his intention to take his music elsewhere due to the perceived lack of support from the San Antonio audience. He also drew a comparison between supporting Tejano music and football fandom, urging fans to show the same level of dedication to both.

As the tension in the air escalated, some audience members voiced their displeasure with Quintanilla’s remarks, causing a stir in the crowd. Despite the backlash, Quintanilla remained resilient, emphasizing his commitment to sharing love and music with the audience, even in the face of adversity.

Despite the initial discord, Quintanilla seemed to regain his composure as the show progressed, paying tribute to his sister and Tejano icon, Selena, and reflecting on his musical journey. However, the incident did not go unnoticed, as videos of Quintanilla’s outbursts circulated on social media, sparking further debate among fans and observers.

In a final moment captured on video, an attendee at the festival bid Quintanilla farewell with a familiar tune, symbolizing the contentious conclusion to his performance in San Antonio. The incident serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics between artists and their audiences, highlighting the challenges and tensions that can arise in live performances.