19-Year-Old Missing Teen Found Shot, Burned in Bathtub: Missouri Murder Charge Filed

Jefferson County, Missouri – Authorities have uncovered new details in the mysterious disappearance and murder of 19-year-old John Paul Parton in 2021. Recent witness testimony has led to a murder charge against 21-year-old Thomas Gamble, who was arrested in Louisiana on May 1 due to his alleged involvement in the crime.

Parton, last seen in Jefferson County, Missouri, told his parents hours before his disappearance that he and three friends were involved in a burglary where $2,000 and other valuables were stolen. An argument over the stolen money between Parton and his friends, including Gamble, may have escalated, leading to tragic consequences. The witness statements revealed that Gamble confessed to shooting Parton in a chilling incident that unfolded in May 2021.

Investigators received a breakthrough in the case in March, when witness accounts pointed towards Gamble as the perpetrator. The witnesses described how Gamble shot Parton and then disposed of his body, which has never been found to this day. Gamble was charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, tampering, and abandonment of a corpse on April 26, leading to his arrest and detainment in Louisiana.

Two witnesses provided crucial information about Gamble’s involvement in the killing. One witness stated that Gamble admitted to the murder and was seen cleaning blood from a vehicle with bleach. Another witness claimed that Gamble had burned Parton’s body in a bathtub, providing chilling details about the disposal of the remains.

Despite the grim details provided by the witnesses, authorities have not been able to locate Parton’s remains, leaving the investigation open. Gamble remains in custody awaiting extradition to Missouri to face the charges against him, highlighting the tragic and unresolved nature of the case.

The revelations in this case shed light on the dangers of criminal activities and the devastating consequences that can arise from disputes over money. The search for justice for John Paul Parton continues as authorities work to bring closure to his family and ensure accountability for those involved in his untimely death.