13 Mexican Mafia Members Charged for Narcotic Smuggling and Violent Assault in LA County Jail System

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Thirteen individuals associated with the Mexican Mafia prison gang face charges for their alleged involvement in a narcotic smuggling operation and a violent assault at the Los Angeles County jail. Of these individuals, two remain at large, while two were arrested recently and the rest were already incarcerated on unrelated charges.

The suspects are accused of coordinating the smuggling of narcotics into the Los Angeles County Jail and orchestrating an attack on an inmate within the facility. The operation was reportedly overseen by high-ranking Mexican Mafia members located outside the jail, under the authority of a member currently serving time in a state prison.

Investigators revealed that a Mexican Mafia “facilitator” relayed instructions to associates within the jail, referred to as “Sureños” or “soldiers,” to attack an individual who falsely claimed affiliation with the Mexican Mafia – a severe offense within the organization. Following these orders, multiple Sureños allegedly carried out the assault, landing the victim in the hospital.

A separate incident involved the movement of drugs within the jail at the behest of Mexican Mafia leaders. It is reported that narcotics were transported to various locations within the facility for distribution among inmates for the benefit of the criminal organization.

Law enforcement efforts led to the identification of individuals responsible for smuggling drugs into the jail. During a search at the home of a suspected facilitator, authorities seized a significant quantity of methamphetamine, narcotics, a firearm, Mexican Mafia communications, and a substantial amount of cash.

The case is being handled by Deputy-In-Charge Lou Avila and Deputy District Attorney Abbigail Briones from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office’s Prison Crimes Unit. The authorities have issued warrants for the arrest of Marco Lujan and Ariel Pereyra, urging anyone with information on their whereabouts to contact the FBI or local law enforcement.

Overall, the investigation into the Mexican Mafia’s activities within the Los Angeles County jail system sheds light on the sophisticated and illicit operations carried out by criminal organizations behind bars. The charges brought against the suspects underscore the ongoing efforts to combat such criminal behavior and ensure the safety and security of individuals within correctional facilities.