10-Year-Old Texas Child Allegedly Confesses to Fatal Shooting of Stranger at RV Park Two Years Ago

Nixon, Texas – A 10-year-old child living in Texas is facing a charge for making threats against a fellow student during a school bus altercation. Shockingly, the child admitted to school officials after the incident that he had fatally shot a sleeping stranger at an RV park in Nixon when he was just shy of turning 8 years old.

The Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the unsettling revelation about the murder of 32-year-old Brandon O’Quinn Rasberry came to light following a school bus dispute on April 11, 2022. The student disclosed to school authorities the next day not only about the alleged threat but also about the previous killing.

While Texas law does not allow for murder charges against children under the age of 10, the juvenile is now facing a terroristic threat charge in connection to the school bus incident. The investigation into Rasberry’s murder was reignited when the child provided explicit details during a forensic interview at a child advocacy center.

The young child confessed to shooting Rasberry at the Lazy J RV Park on January 16, 2022, just four days after the victim had moved to the location. Despite the child’s admission, investigators found no prior connection between the child and Rasberry, making the motive behind the crime even more perplexing.

Authorities were able to track down the gun used in the murder, which was identified as belonging to the child’s grandfather. Following the interview, the 10-year-old was evaluated at a psychiatric hospital and then placed in juvenile detention for the school bus threat case.

Friends and loved ones of Brandon Rasberry expressed shock and disbelief at his senseless killing, describing him as a kind, intelligent, and hard-working person. While the sheriff’s office claims to have identified the perpetrator, achieving justice in this tragic case remains a complex and ongoing pursuit.