Woman Arrested for Fatal Explosion in Copperas Cove Home, Faces Arson and Evidence Tampering Charges

Copperas Cove, TX — Authorities have detained a 42-year-old woman, Devon Nicole Bellows, in connection with a deadly house explosion in Copperas Cove that occurred on May 24, resulting in the death of a man. Bellows, who remains in custody at the Coryell County Jail without bond set, faces charges including arson causing bodily injury or death, and tampering with evidence.

Early morning reports on May 24 led Copperas Cove Police to the residence at 102 East Blancas Drive, where they discovered evidence of an explosion. Initial investigations revealed that the homeowner was not present, and other residents, identified as Bellows and her son, were also away at the time. Landon Michael Lower, subsequently found at the scene, tragically succumbed to severe injuries and was declared deceased at Dell Seaton Medical Center in Austin.

During a thorough examination of the scene, investigators noticed several items, including gasoline canisters and personal belongings like purses and a military-style duffle bag, strategically placed near an outdoor transformer. This suggested an effort to preserve certain objects from destruction. Upon her return, Bellows confirmed that these items were retrieved from her room, as noted in the police affidavit.

Further investigation into the relationship between Bellows and Lower revealed that she had entrusted him with keys to both her residence and her vehicle for supervision in her absence. However, the reason for his presence at the home specifically at the time of the incident remains unclear. Examination of Bellows’ phone uncovered multiple communications directed at Lower on the morning of the explosion, including a significant text that read, “Please tell me you are good and that it’s done.”

Complicating the investigation, authorities discovered that data from Bellows’ phone was remotely deleted after the device was seized. Additionally, recorded phone conversations between Bellows and an inmate at the Bell County Jail surfaced, identifying the inmate as a mutual acquaintance of both Bellows and Lower.

The unfolding case took a formal turn when the affidavit was officially filed on June 14, followed by Bellows’ arrest on June 16. As details continue to emerge, the community remains in shock over the tragic events that have transpired, awaiting further disclosures from ongoing police inquiries into the fatal incident.