Uniontown Community on Edge as Search Intensifies for Armed Suspects Following Deadly Shootings

UNIONTOWN, Pa. — Authorities in Uniontown have made a recent arrest stemming from a shooting incident on June 11 near Varndell Street, which resulted in two individuals being hospitalized. Despite this development, the Fayette County District Attorney’s Office reported that two suspects are still on the run, posing potential danger to the public.

The arrestee, identified as Santana Daily Jones, faces charges of attempted homicide and is currently detained at Fayette County Prison. Meanwhile, law enforcement continues to pursue 19-year-old Vincent Edward Pratt III and another unidentified assailant, both of whom should be considered armed and dangerous according to officials. Pratt is specifically charged with conspiracy related to the incident.

Anyone with relevant information is urgently requested to contact either the state police in Uniontown, the district attorney’s office, or Fayette County Crime Stoppers.

Earlier violence in Uniontown, which unfolded on the same afternoon, left one person dead and two injured, causing widespread concern in the community. Fayette County District Attorney Michael Aubele outlined the events leading to the fatality, noting that 33-year-old Joshua Stevens was killed around 2 p.m. after he reportedly attacked the defendant with a knife. The suspect in Stevens’ death subsequently fled the scene, and the search for this individual continues.

The subsequent gun violence occurred close to the initial crime scene at Liberty and Varndell streets. Police had been active nearby and responded immediately to the gunfire which resulted in two more young males being seriously injured. They arrived in a vehicle peppered with bullet holes at the intersection of Carlisle Street and Searight Avenue, seeking urgent medical assistance.

A policeman present at the scene recalled the swift action taken to aid these victims, describing how the officers extracted the wounded from the vehicle and hurried them to hospital care. One victim suffered a gunshot to the hip while the other was struck by shrapnel. They were both subsequently transported to a medical facility for treatment.

Neighbor Vanessa Osler, who witnessed the unfolding events, expressed her distress over the series of violent incidents, emphasizing the broader implications of such disputes. “I didn’t care what it was about. People were getting shot. That’s the point. It’s lives in turmoil and lives lost,” Osler said.

As the ongoing investigations proceed for both incidents, authorities have yet to confirm if there is any direct connection between the two shootings on that chaotic day.

In the midst of these investigations and heightened law enforcement activity, the community and families affected anxiously hope for justice and a cessation of violence that has rattled their lives.

As officials strive to apprehend the remaining suspects, the troubling undercurrent of gun violence serves as a critical point of concern for both the community and law enforcement agencies in Fayette County, reflecting the broader national struggle against crime and public safety issues.