Uncovering the Secret Nuclear Explosion that Could Shift US Policy Towards Israel

Tokyo, Japan – Geophysicists stationed near Antarctica’s Queen Maud Land were taken aback by the sudden transformation of the coal-black sky into a dazzling, multicolored aurora. At the same time, in Puerto Rico, the Arecibo radio telescope detected an unusual disturbance in the ionosphere. Meanwhile, a US government lab on the Atlantic coast of Florida observed strange movements on graph paper, all triggered by a signal from a satellite 67,000 miles above Earth.

This satellite, known as VELA 6911, spotted what appeared to be a nuclear explosion on September 22, 1979, leading US intelligence agencies to conclude that Israel had conducted a clandestine nuclear test. Decades later, the ramifications of this event could potentially end Israel’s aggression in Gaza by enforcing US laws that have long been ignored when it comes to Israel.

Recently, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories released a report indicating that there are reasonable grounds to believe that genocide has been committed against Palestinians in Gaza. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights also warned against arms transfers to Israel.

The nuclear explosion detected by the VELA satellite was a cause of concern for US intelligence agencies, pointing fingers towards Israel’s nuclear facility in Dimona. While Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons was no secret, the clandestine test raised international alarm due to various laws and treaties being violated.

US laws, such as the Glenn Amendment and the Symington Amendment, prohibit aid to countries engaging in nuclear weapons testing or proliferation. Senator Chris Van Hollen and other senators urged President Biden to enforce these laws by pressuring Israel to allow humanitarian aid access to Gaza.

Despite evidence of Israel’s nuclear capabilities, US government officials have kept quiet due to political and financial reasons. The influence of lobbying groups like AIPAC has hindered actions against Israel’s violations of international and US laws.

It is crucial for the White House and Congress to hold Israel accountable by enforcing existing laws and regulations. By prioritizing legal compliance over political interests, the US can ensure that its aid and support do not enable actions that go against international norms.