Ukrainian Special Operations Forces Neutralize Russian Electronic Warfare Complex in Zaporizhzhya Success Story

Kyiv, Ukraine – The Special Operations Forces (SSO) recently achieved a significant victory by successfully destroying the Zhitel Russian electronic warfare complex in the Zaporizhzhya region. The operation, carried out by SSO fighters with the assistance of reconnaissance unmanned aircraft, culminated in a precise strike launched by an artillery unit of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Dramatic footage of the explosive moment was shared by the SSO on Telegram, showcasing the destruction of the Zhitel complex.

The Zhitel complex, typically manned by a crew of four, is known for its automated detection, direction finding, and analysis of radio signals within a specific frequency range. Military analysts have highlighted the challenges posed by the Zhitel automated jamming station to both GPS and mobile users. Russian troops have been utilizing the R-330Zh Zhitel station since 2014 in the Donbas region, with earlier versions employed during the first Chechen campaign.

The successful operation against the Zhitel complex adds to the Ukrainian Defense Forces’ track record of eliminating such stations during combat operations. Previous reports have documented the destruction of Zhitel electronic warfare complexes in various regions, including Kyiv, the east, and Kharkiv.

In addition to the destruction of the Zhitel station, the SSO also shared the outcomes of their operations on the southern operational front, showcasing the effectiveness of Ukrainian FPV drones in targeting and neutralizing enemy assets. Footage revealed the destruction of a Russian GAZ-66 truck with personnel, as well as the impact of ammunition dropped into a Russian troop dugout. Kamikaze drone strikes on Russian infantry and the destruction of a disguised Russian boat further demonstrated the capabilities of Ukrainian drones in combat scenarios.

The SSO’s successful dismantling of the Russian Zoopark-1 surveillance and fire control radar complex adds to their list of accomplishments. The radar station, a highly valued asset for the Russian military, was annihilated along with its crew. The estimated cost of the complex is approximately $10-15 million, pointing to the significance of the SSO’s actions in disrupting Russian electronic warfare capabilities.