UCCS Dorm Deaths: Homicide Investigation Ongoing After Shooting Reported

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) was placed on lockdown in the early hours of Friday, February 16, following reports of a shooting. According to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), officers responded to a report of a shooting at UCCS at around 6:15 a.m. The campus was subsequently placed on lockdown, with UCCS Public Safety urging students to lock interior doors, turn off lights, move away from sight, and maintain silence.

CSPD stated that there is an ongoing death investigation at UCCS and assured the public that it is not an active shooter situation. The campus remained closed for the day, with a partial shelter-in-place in effect as police conducted their investigation. UCCS continued to communicate updates via social media, ensuring that individuals in certain areas adhere to shelter-in-place guidelines.

Subsequent updates from CSPD revealed that a death investigation was underway at UCCS, and the situation was being treated as an isolated incident with no threat to the community. Public safety officials emphasized that the campus closure was a precautionary measure, with no active shooter present on the premises. Additionally, UCCS Police announced that the campus would be closed throughout the weekend, with all classes, activities, and events canceled.

As the investigation continued, CSPD confirmed that the deaths were being reported as homicides, dispelling initial speculations of a murder-suicide. CSPD’s Homicide Unit took charge of the investigation, emphasizing that both deaths were being treated as homicides.

Throughout the day, UCCS provided ongoing updates to its community, including the extension of campus closure through the weekend and the availability of support resources for students and staff. The university also assured individuals on campus that there was no safety concern and that the lockdown was a necessary precaution while the investigation unfolded.

The situation at UCCS garnered significant attention, prompting police to schedule a press conference to provide updates on the death investigation. This move sought to address community concerns and provide transparency regarding the ongoing developments.

As the day progressed, UCCS continued to emphasize the absence of an active shooter and the lack of any immediate safety threats to individuals on campus. Throughout these updates, campus safety protocols remained in effect, and UCCS reiterated that its closure was a proactive measure to ensure the well-being of its community.

The unfolding situation at UCCS remained a focal point for both local authorities and the university community, with ongoing communication and updates serving as vital sources of information for individuals affected by the lockdown.