Two Men Sentenced for 1996 Murder of Schoolgirl Caroline Glachan

Two men have been sentenced for the 1996 murder of 14-year-old Caroline Glachan in Alexandria, Scotland. Glachan’s body was found in the River Leven and her murder has remained unsolved for over two decades.
Following new evidence, 49-year-old Scott Snowden and 46-year-old Iain Hay have been convicted of Caroline’s murder and both sentenced to life imprisonment. The judge described the murder as “wicked and depraved.”
The tragic case of Caroline Glachan’s murder has haunted the small town of Alexandria for years. The community has struggled to come to terms with the loss of the young girl and the fact that her killer remained unidentified for so long.
Caroline’s mother has been campaigning tirelessly for justice for her daughter and has expressed relief that the two men responsible for her daughter’s murder have finally been brought to justice. The sentencing brings closure to a case that has lingered unresolved for 25 years.
The sentencing of Scott Snowden and Iain Hay serves as a reminder that justice can be delayed, but eventually, it will catch up with those who commit heinous crimes. The community can now find some solace in knowing that the perpetrators of this terrible crime have been held accountable for their actions.