Trial Begins for Suspect Charged with Killing IMPD Officer Breann Leath

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – In 2020, IMPD Officer Breann Leath was tragically killed while responding to a domestic violence call in the east side of Indianapolis. Now, the suspect in her murder, Elliahs Dorsey, is about to stand trial for the charges.

Dorsey faces numerous charges, including murder, four counts of attempted murder, criminal confinement, and battery resulting in bodily injury. The decision to drop the death penalty against Dorsey was made after a thorough review of psychiatric evaluations, with the prosecutor’s office concluding that it is constitutionally prohibited to seek the death penalty for mentally ill defendants.

The incident unfolded on April 9, 2020, when officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance in the 1800 block of Edinburge Square. Shortly after their arrival, shots were fired, and Officer Leath was fatally wounded. Another female victim was also found suffering from gunshot wounds.

The suspect, Dorsey, was allegedly still armed and inside the apartment when the shooting occurred. Despite the efforts of the officers, Leath succumbed to her injuries, while the other victim was transported to the hospital.

Dorsey’s public defenders argue that he did not know he was shooting at law enforcement as the officers did not announce themselves as the police. They are seeking an insanity defense for their client.

Leath, a 24-year-old mother, had been with the IMPD for over two years and had served in the Indiana National Guard. In her honor, the LEATH Initiative was launched to address domestic violence involving illegally-owned guns, targeting offenders with previous domestic violence convictions.

The initiative also aims to support domestic violence victims by connecting them with social services in their communities. This multifaceted approach demonstrates the lasting impact of Officer Leath’s legacy in combating domestic violence.