Tragic Plot Twist: Woman Uses Slain Man’s Severed Thumb to Fund Spree on His Dime

Washington – In a chilling crime that has shocked the Brightwood neighborhood, a woman is under arrest on charges of using the severed thumb of her elder friend to withdraw money from his bank account. The man, 53-year-old Fasil Teklemariam, was found deceased in his apartment on Peabody Street NW on April 5, presenting multiple trauma injuries and a missing right thumb, according to police statements.

The Metropolitan Police Department stated that Teklemariam’s brutal death resulted from multiple blunt-force injuries to his head, lacerations, and a fatal stab wound. The autopsy suggested the injuries occurred several days before his body was discovered, and his thumb was removed post-mortem.

Authorities recently apprehended 22-year-old Tiffany Taylor Gray in Prince George’s County. She faces multiple charges, including first-degree murder while armed. Gray, reportedly having a financial arrangement with Teklemariam, was seen using his thumb to access funds and make illegal transactions for Uber rides, marijuana, and alcohol. She has been extradited back to Washington for prosecution.

Further complicating the investigation, 19-year-old Audrey Denise Miller is likewise charged with first-degree murder in connection with Teklemariam’s death. Surveillance footage captured Miller in close proximity to Teklemariam shortly before his demise. Miller has since been detained without bond, with another court hearing scheduled later in the month.

Police are expanding their probe into at least two other men observed entering Teklemariam’s residence around the time of the suspected murder. The suspects were reportedly seen removing items from his apartment, intensifying suspicions about their involvement.

According to a confidential source, Gray and Teklemariam shared a financial relationship, with the source referring to him as Gray’s “sugar daddy.” This detail emerged alongside surveillance footage that places the suspects at the scene days before and after the killing. The video last shows Teklemariam alive on the night of April 1, entering his apartment with Miller and later stepping out briefly only to return with groceries.

Cellphone data further indicated that Teklemariam’s mobile device was moved from his apartment late on the night of April 1, adding another layer to the ongoing mystery. Despite extensive searches, police have yet to find Teklemariam’s thumb, cellphone, tablet, or any other possessions likely taken during the attack.

This case has stirred concerns about safety and crime in the Brightwood area, leaving residents unsettled and seeking answers about the violent events leading to Teklemariam’s untimely death. Local community leaders have called for increased surveillance and expedited investigations to prevent such heinous crimes and ensure justice for victims like TekleMariam.