Tragic Investigation Unfolds in Death of 101st Airborne Soldier Katia Duenas-Aguilar

Fort Campbell, Kentucky – The death of 101st Airborne soldier Katia Duenas-Aguilar is currently under investigation as a homicide, with both the Army and local police looking into the matter. The 23-year-old private first class hailed from Mesquite, Texas, and her untimely passing has left those who knew her in shock.

Fellow soldier Hector Montez, who served alongside Duenes-Aguilar at the Kentucky-Tennessee border, expressed deep sadness over the news. Describing her as a positive and outgoing individual who always brought life to their unit, he shared how she had taken him under her wing during their time together.

The Army, in a statement released on Tuesday, expressed disbelief at the loss of Pfc. Duenas-Aguilar and pledged to collaborate with investigative authorities. Beginning her Army career as an Information Technology Specialist in 2018, she had garnered accolades and commendations over the years.

The discovery of Duenes-Aguilar’s body in a home outside the base in Clarksville, Tennessee on Friday prompted a call for an ambulance around 8:30 p.m. The circumstances surrounding her death have left Montez and others reeling, struggling to comprehend why such a tragedy would befall someone so well-regarded.

As the investigation unfolds, the authorities have not disclosed any additional information, including details about potential suspects. However, they are urging anyone with relevant information to come forward to aid in apprehending those responsible for the young soldier’s death.

While the Army has not confirmed whether fellow soldiers are implicated in the case, the involvement of the Army Criminal Investigations Division signifies the seriousness with which they are approaching the investigation. The community at Fort Campbell mourns the loss of a promising young soldier, as questions swirl around the circumstances leading to her tragic end.