Tragic Explosion at Tanzanian Sugar Factory Claims Lives of International Workers

Morogoro, Tanzania – A tragic explosion at the Mtibwa sugar factory in Kilombero District of Morogoro Region in eastern Tanzania claimed the lives of three workers hailing from Brazil, Kenya, and India, along with eight Tanzanian technicians. Additionally, two individuals sustained serious injuries in the early morning incident on Thursday, as confirmed by Morogoro Regional Fire and Rescue Commander Shaban Marujugo.

According to electrician Juma Ramadhan Palamba, who was present at the time of the explosion, the blast originated from the control room where technicians were conducting tests on a newly repaired heating system for sugar production. It was revealed that the explosion was triggered by a burst pipe that released steam into a boiler, resulting in the devastating outcome.

Palamba mentioned that the system, which had recently undergone repairs, was set to commence operations on the following day. Fortunately, his escape from harm was attributed to stepping out of the control room to attend to a phone call just moments before the blast occurred. The injured individuals – one Tanzanian and one Brazilian technician – were promptly transported to Benjamin Mkapa Hospital in Dodoma for urgent medical attention.

In response to the tragic incident, Morogoro Regional Commissioner Adam Malima ordered a temporary shutdown of the sugar factory for three days to facilitate an investigation by the Tanzania Fire and Rescue Force. Key government officials, including Minister of Industry and Trade Ashatu Kijaji and Minister of Agriculture Hussein Bashe, visited the site to assess the damage caused by the explosion and extend government assistance in the recovery efforts.

Acknowledging the international impact of the tragedy, Kijaji revealed that the government was in communication with the respective embassies of the deceased foreign technicians to coordinate funeral arrangements. The sugar factory management also offered to cover the costs of the funerals as a gesture of support during this trying time. The community mourns the loss of these individuals and remains hopeful for a thorough investigation to prevent such tragedies in the future.