Tragedy Strikes in Vaudreuil-Dorion: Two Women Killed in Stabbing Attack, Third Victim in Critical Condition

Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec – A tragic incident unfolded at an apartment building in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, where two women lost their lives and a third was left seriously injured in a stabbing attack on Thursday morning. Quebec provincial police swiftly apprehended a 44-year-old male suspect at the scene of the crime. Sources have revealed that one of the victims was the suspect’s 68-year-old mother, while the other two women resided in the same building.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) confirmed that the two deceased women, aged 68 and 53, succumbed to their injuries following the armed assault. The scene at the highrise on Émile Bouchard Street was described as distressing, with three victims found with severe stab wounds, sparking a prompt response from authorities and paramedics.

Amid the chaos, a 70-year-old woman was rushed to a Montreal hospital in critical condition, but doctors later stabilized her condition before the day’s end. The suspect, also sustaining minor injuries, was transported to the hospital for treatment and will undergo questioning as part of the ongoing investigation into the violent incident.

Eyewitnesses to the tragic event shared their accounts, with one resident stating that the suspect, a fellow tenant, appeared to be in a troubled state leading up to the attack. The swift action of law enforcement officers and emergency responders was pivotal in managing the situation, but the impact of the violence resonated deeply within the community.

In response to the heartbreaking turn of events, public safety minister François Bonnardel and Vaudreuil-Dorion Mayor Guy Pilon expressed their condolences and solidarity with the victims’ families and the affected residents. As investigations continue and details unravel, the community grapples with the aftermath of such a senseless act of violence that has left a lasting scar on the neighborhood.