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Kyiv, Ukraine – Russian forces have unleashed missile and drone attacks targeting multiple regions in Ukraine overnight on June 14, escalating tensions in the region. Explosions rocked cities like Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv in the early hours of the morning, with reports of additional blasts in Khmelnytskyi Oblast later on. The Ukrainian Air Force issued warnings about missile threats towards western oblasts such as Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts, as well as the capital city of Kyiv.

The situation prompted Poland to scramble military jets to safeguard its airspace in response to the Russian assault on western Ukraine. The Operational Command of Poland’s Armed Forces noted the heightened activity in the air defense system during the attacks. Throughout the night, air raid alerts were issued countrywide as Ukraine’s Air Force raised concerns about potential drone and missile strikes from Russia.

Despite the intense military actions, no significant damages to infrastructure or casualties were reported as of the early hours of the morning. Russia’s recent uptick in attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, particularly the energy grid, has raised alarm and led to rolling shutdowns beginning in mid-May. The latest assault signifies a continuation of Russia’s aggressive stance towards Ukraine, amplifying tensions in the region.

As the conflict unfolds, Ukraine has been seeking support from allies, recently signing bilateral security agreements with the United States and Japan. These agreements mark significant milestones in Ukraine’s efforts to bolster its defense against Russian aggression. The international community continues to monitor the situation closely, emphasizing the need for diplomatic resolutions to prevent further escalation of hostilities in the region.