Subway Conductor Slashed in Neck in Brooklyn Attack, Doctor Saves His Life

Brooklyn, New York – A subway conductor in Brooklyn was hospitalized after being randomly slashed in the neck during an unsettling attack on Thursday, marking the latest incident in a series of violent events that have been occurring in the transit system. The assault took place at the Rockaway Avenue subway station on the C line around 3:40 a.m. The conductor, Alton Scott, was performing his duties on a southbound C train when he was attacked by an unknown individual while sticking his head out of the conductor’s cab. Fortunately, a doctor aboard the train was able to provide immediate assistance, and Scott was later treated for his injuries.

With 24 years of service for the MTA, Scott expressed his gratitude for the doctor’s quick actions, highlighting the precarious situation he found himself in. Despite receiving 34 stitches at Brookdale Hospital, no arrests have been made in connection with the attack. Authorities are urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

The slashing incident comes amidst heightened concerns about safety in the transit system, with three recent homicides and other violent occurrences sparking fear among passengers and workers. MTA officials have voiced their condemnation of the escalating violence, with the Transport Workers Union criticizing the organization’s failure to protect transit workers adequately. The union has called for the deployment of more police officers to patrol subway lines across the city in response to the alarming increase in assaults.

Notably, recent NYPD data has revealed a surge in subway assaults, with 2023 recording the highest number of incidents since at least 1996. While there has been a slight reduction in crime following the addition of 1,000 more officers to the subway system, concerns about safety persist. Chief of Transit Michael Kemper acknowledged the challenges but emphasized that progress is being made in addressing the issue.

Despite ongoing efforts to enhance security measures, subway crime statistics remain troubling, with assaults and homicides on the rise. The need for a comprehensive approach to ensure the safety of both passengers and employees in the transit system is evident, prompting calls for increased vigilance and support from law enforcement agencies. As investigations continue and discussions on improving safety measures evolve, the community remains vigilant in confronting the persisting threats within the subway environment.