Scariest Documentaries on Netflix: Shocking Crime Series and Tales of The Unsolved

Los Angeles, CA – True-crime documentaries and series have become some of the most popular content on Netflix, with a growing audience tuning in to explore the darkest corners of criminal behavior. From serial killers to cults and swindlers, the streaming platform offers a wide range of documentaries that delve into the chilling world of crime.

One such documentary is “Girl in the Picture,” which tells the strange tale of a woman who died in a road accident, leading to the abduction of her son. As the investigation unfolds, it uncovers shocking revelations about the woman’s true identity and her connections to a federal fugitive.

Another eerie series, “Unsolved Mysteries,” explores a variety of unexplained and mysterious events, leaving viewers with haunting questions after each episode. The show doesn’t limit itself to crime but is still considered one of the scariest documentaries on Netflix due to the unsettling nature of the stories it covers.

“American Murder: The Family Next Door” takes a found-footage style approach to tell the chilling story of the Watts Family Murders, creating an atmosphere of suspense and unease as the narrative unfolds. The documentary offers a glimpse into the possibility of crime infiltrating any family, making it a truly frightening watch.

Other popular and scary docuseries on Netflix include “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel,” which dramatizes the mysterious circumstances surrounding a woman’s death, and “The Ripper,” which documents the crimes of a prolific serial killer and the subsequent investigation.

With an ever-expanding library of true-crime content, Netflix continues to captivate viewers with its bone-chilling documentaries that explore the darkest aspects of human behavior. From unsolved mysteries to terrifying criminal cases, the streaming platform offers a myriad of options for those fascinated by the macabre.

In conclusion, Netflix’s collection of scary documentaries has captivated audiences with chilling stories of crimes, mysteries, and the darkest aspects of human behavior. With a wide range of options to choose from, viewers can explore the world of true crime and delve into the mindsets of criminals like never before.