Russian Pro-Putin Politician Found Dead After Alleged Third-Floor Fall in Russia

TOBOLSK, Russia – A pro-Putin politician, Vladimir Egorov, was found dead after falling from a third-floor window in Tobolsk, central Russia. This incident marks the latest in a series of mysterious deaths among Russian elites in strange circumstances.

Local media reported that the regional politician was discovered in a courtyard outside his home. A Russian news agency reported that Egorov fell from the third-floor window of his house. The Investigative Committee for the Tyumen region confirmed the incident and stated that there were no “external signs of criminal death.”

Meanwhile, Tobolsk City Duma published an obituary stating that Egorov died “as a result of an accident.” The deputy chairman praised the politician for providing “comprehensive support to the participants of the Special Military Operation and the families of military personnel” fighting in Ukraine.

Egorov was forced out of the city administration in 2016 following a corruption scandal, though he was not convicted. He then returned to the political fray in 2020. He is the latest in a series of mysterious deaths in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle since the war in Ukraine began.

The series of mysterious deaths also includes Anna Tsavera, a 35-year-old deputy editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda, who was found by her parents at her Moscow apartment in early December. Police have opened an investigation, and initial reports suggest there were no signs of a struggle or a violent death. Her boss, Vladimir Sungorkin, 68, died suddenly during a business trip in September 2022.

Another mysterious fate includes Ravil Maganov, the chairman Russia’s second-biggest oil and gas company, who died after falling out of the window of a hospital in Moscow in September last year, according to TASS.

These incidents have raised concerns and suspicions about the circumstances surrounding these deaths and the potential motives behind them. The authorities are still conducting investigations into each case, as the deaths continue to fuel speculation and uncertainty.

In summary, the death of Vladimir Egorov, the pro-Putin politician, has brought attention to a series of mysterious and suspicious deaths among Russian elites. The circumstances surrounding these incidents continue to raise concerns and prompt further investigations by the authorities.