Russian military shells Sumy oblast border communities 44 times, no injuries reported according to official statement on Facebook

Sumy, Ukraine – The Russian military intensified its attacks on border communities in Sumy oblast, with reports of 44 incidents of shelling throughout the day. Fortunately, preliminary data suggest no injuries resulting from the attacks.

The Sumy Regional Military Administration shared on social media the alarming frequency of attacks, detailing the various communities and areas affected by the shelling. Communities such as Khotyn, Yunakivka, Bilopillia, Myropillia, Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Nova Sloboda, Esman, Shalyhyne, and Seredyna-Buda were all impacted by the aggression.

Specific instances of mortar attacks, drops of VOGs from UAVs, shelling from AGS and SPG, as well as attacks from small arms were reported in different communities. The attacks varied in intensity, with some places experiencing multiple explosions from a combination of weaponry.

In response to the ongoing attacks, over 1,000 individuals have been evacuated from border areas in Sumy region, highlighting the growing concern for the safety and well-being of residents in the region. Ukrainian officials are working with international partners to enhance air defense systems in regions like Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Sumy to better protect civilians from further aggression.

The relentless assaults extended to the skies as well, with reports of Russian forces launching airstrikes and using unguided aircraft missiles and kamikaze drones to strike civilian areas like the Myropillia community. Incidents like these not only pose a direct threat to residents but also demonstrate the escalating tensions in the region.

As the conflict continues to escalate, it is essential for international leaders to actively engage and support efforts to de-escalate the situation and ensure the safety of civilians in conflict-affected areas. The need for diplomatic solutions and international cooperation remains paramount in addressing the growing humanitarian crisis stemming from the ongoing hostilities in Sumy and its neighboring regions.