Putin’s War May Cause People To Starve In America

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Gregory Meeks expressed Monday on MSNBC’s “In with no reservations” that Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine could prompt individuals to starve in the United States.

Meeks said, there’s no time to waste. We have to pass this $33 billion right away. See, as President Zelensky said, he’s not just battling for the sway of Ukraine. We know that it is our goal for Putin to continue toward the Baltic States, to Moldova to Georgia, and not to end there. What’s more, others are watching what happens. Allow me to let you know something different that is basic. To this end, it means quite a bit to us all over the planet. Individuals will starve.

He proceeded, the House Foreign Affairs Committee that I sit with will give instructions soon on the reason for this conflict. What individuals and starvation might be on the line? What Putin is doing is impeding the Black Sea. Ukraine trades more than half of the world’s grains. They produce wheat and corn that individuals all over the planet are reliant upon, and they can’t collect their yields and get them out. So you see, costs have gone up from one side of the planet to the other, practically 14% somewhat recently alone. 20% from the start of the year.

Meeks added, people will starve. We will have David Beasley from the World Food Organization for the UN come to brief us on what’s in question. We discuss this here at home. The costs are going up and expanding.

 Assuming you converse with any business analyst, there is an immediate association — a close association between Putin, this conflict, and the barricades that can have individuals starving in Africa, Central and South America, and without a doubt, even here in the United States of America.