NIA Denies Malicious Intent in Recent Actions in West Bengal, Faces Unruly Mob Attack

Kolkata, India – The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has vehemently denied any wrongdoing in its recent actions in West Bengal’s Bhoopatinagar, stating that its team was attacked by a violent mob while conducting searches. The agency declared that the attack was unwarranted and aimed at hindering its lawful duties.

The NIA refuted allegations made by the Trinamool Congress (TMC) of unlawful actions, dismissing the entire controversy as unfortunate. The agency emphasized that its actions were lawful and part of an ongoing investigation into a case involving the fabrication of crude bombs that resulted in an explosion killing three individuals in Naruabila village, Bhoopatinagar.

According to a statement by an NIA spokesperson, their team faced a violent attack by an unruly mob during the searches in Naruabila village, which were conducted with the presence of independent witnesses and under CRPF security cover. Following the searches, two individuals – Manobrata Jana and Bailicharan Maity – were arrested in connection with the case.

During the transit of the arrested individuals to the police station, the NIA personnel were assaulted by an aggressive crowd, resulting in injuries to one official and damage to an official vehicle. The agency has filed a complaint seeking legal action against the attackers.

The duo arrested, Jana and Maity, had failed to appear before the agency despite repeated summons. Subsequently, the Special NIA court in Kolkata issued an order on April 3, permitting the agency to proceed with the investigation and take necessary actions in accordance with relevant laws for a thorough investigation.

Following the court’s order, the NIA conducted searches on Saturday, leading to the arrest of the two accused individuals. The agency is committed to carrying out its duties diligently and ensuring that those involved in criminal activities face legal consequences.