Mother Disgusted After Sentencing in Fatal Crash Involving Philanthropist Rebecca Grossman

Los Angeles, California – A mother’s quest for justice for her two young sons, tragically killed by philanthropist Rebecca Grossman in a Westlake Village crosswalk, has come to a disappointing end. After months of courtroom proceedings, Nancy Iskander found herself disillusioned by the sentencing handed down by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Brandolino on Monday. Grossman was sentenced to two concurrent terms of 15 years to life, with an additional three years for fleeing the scene of the fatal crash, totaling 15 years to life behind bars. Iskander expressed her dismay, feeling that each of her sons deserved individual justice, not a combined sentence.

During the trial, Iskander and her loved ones shared heart-wrenching testimonies about the impact of losing Mark, 11, and Jacob, 8. The court heard how Grossman’s reckless actions resulted in the tragic deaths of the two children, leading to her conviction in February on multiple charges, including second-degree murder and manslaughter. Despite the overwhelming evidence against her, Grossman has shown no sign of remorse for her actions, further adding to the pain felt by the victims’ families.

In a surprising turn of events, Grossman attempted to offer a belated apology to Iskander before her sentencing, acknowledging the immense grief and devastation caused by her actions. Despite her words, Iskander remained unconvinced of the sincerity behind Grossman’s emotions. The sentencing left Iskander profoundly disappointed in the justice system, believing that the punishment did not adequately reflect the severity of Grossman’s crimes.

Iskander and her husband, Karim, have now chosen to honor the memory of their sons by establishing a foundation to support underserved children. Their mission is fueled by a desire to create a positive impact in the wake of such a senseless tragedy. As they continue to navigate their grief and seek closure, Iskander remains determined to see Grossman take full accountability for her actions and express genuine remorse.

The sentencing serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of reckless behavior and the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions. Despite the legal outcome, the Iskander family remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice and dedicated to ensuring that the memory of Mark and Jacob lives on through their advocacy and support for others in need.