McCarthy Warns January 6 Committee To Save Documents Ahead Of GOP House Takeover

Congressional Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California has sent a letter to the Committee investigating the Capitol incursion urging it to preserve all of its work so that the incoming Republican majority can review it.

Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the Committee’s chairman, received a letter from McCarthy on Wednesday. The letter was intended to remind him and his staff to preserve all records collected and transcripts taken during your investigation.

The panel must be scrutinized to the fullest extent possible, McCarthy said. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on this investigation over the past year and a half. All information collected must be preserved not just for institutional purposes but also for transparency to the American people, he wrote.

It is not you or any member of Congress who owns the official Congressional Records, but the American people and they are entitled to all the information you gathered – not just the information that supports your political agenda.

McCarthy, who seeks to become speaker when the next Congress convenes with a Republican majority, stated that the future House will not continue the Committee’s work but rather examine why the Capitol complex was not safe on January 6, 2021.

According to The Hill, Bernie Thompson (D-MI) guaranteed that all of the panel’s data would be freely accessible. McCarthy was among those who declined to testify, the Democrat added. Thompson stated the subpoena he signed for McCarthy to appear before the Committee would be a part of the official record.

He had the opportunity to speak before the Committee. We will conclude on December 31. As the speaker, he is free to conduct himself in whatever he pleases. But the Committee will sunset on December 31. Mccarthy will have access to the report, and nothing will be in the committee member’s possession after December 31.

McCarthy’s letter references a Washington Post article stating that Vice Chair Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming wants the Committee’s findings to focus largely on former President Donald Trump, which has angered others.

According to the report, 15 current and former committee staffers are angry and disillusioned by Cheney’s push to focus the report primarily on former president Donald Trump and have bristled at the Committee’s transformation into the vehicle for the departing Wyoming lawmaker’s political future.

The Post also said that the final report to be released on January 6 would minimize references to law enforcement and intelligence community failures that led to the catastrophic events of that day.

An ex-committee staff member stated that they all came from respectable careers because they were assured this would be an important fact-finding probe that would enlighten the public. However, the Committee turned into the Cheney 2024 campaign, and many of them grew disheartened.

Cheney’s focus on Trump was not apologized for by Cheney’s spokesperson, Jeremy Adler. According to Adler, no president has attempted to reverse election results or obstruct a peaceful transfer of power. Accordingly, Liz ‘prioritizes’ understanding what Trump did and how he did it, as well as ensuring it never occurs again.”

Trump responded angrily to the story via his Truth Social platform.

That Cheney is a total PSYCHO who has no respect for the facts of what occurred and is furious that the citizens of the Great State of Wyoming sent her out to pasture in a record-setting loss. Trump stated that she holds him responsible but has only herself to blame.