Man Sentenced to Almost 3 Years in Prison for Sadistic Acts of Violence and Torture

Shifnal, England – Mitchell Lock, a 32-year-old resident of Neachley Lane, was handed a sentence of two years and 10 months in prison after a judge dismissed a plea from his defense attorney to suspend the punishment. Lock had already admitted guilt to two counts of common assault, attempted arson, and non-fatal strangulation, leading to his incarceration following incidents that took place between March 1, 2023, and March 31, 2023, as well as on June 23, 2023.

The delayed confession by Lock prevented the need for a trial, ultimately resulting in his sentencing. During a hearing at Shrewsbury Crown Court, Judge Laura Hobson described a series of offenses committed by Lock against his former partner on March 23, which included physical assault leaving the victim with bruises. However, the events of June 23 were labeled as “sadistic” by Judge Hobson, involving prolonged acts of violence, humiliation, and torture inflicted upon the victim.

Lock’s actions on June 23 included restraining the victim to a bed, binding her hands, placing an object in her mouth, strangling her, and setting fires in the bedroom. Judge Hobson pointed out that the strangulation posed a serious risk of brain damage or death to the victim, with the added terror of fires being lit around her. The victim even had to roll onto the fires to extinguish them, all while three young children were asleep in the property, escalating the severity of the offenses.

Addressing Lock’s victim, Judge Hobson acknowledged the trauma experienced, emphasizing how her life had been upended by the terrifying events. The judge emphasized the strangulation as the most severe offense, leading to an increased sentence due to the presence of children and the violation occurring in the victim’s own home. Furthermore, the use of sustained and repeated strangulation, as well as restraints, contributed to the harsh sentencing imposed.

Despite Lock’s clean record prior to these crimes, Judge Hobson explained that the severity of the offenses left no option but imprisonment to protect the public. The guilty pleas entered by Lock in December allowed for a 20% reduction in his sentence, resulting in a total of two years and 10 months of prison time. In plea for leniency, Lock’s defense attorney, Olivia Appleby, highlighted the personal challenges faced by Lock, including family members undergoing cancer treatment.

Prosecutor Philip Beardwell emphasized the impact on the victim’s life as she had to quit her job following the ordeal. Detailing the assaults and dangerous acts committed by Lock, including suffocation and intentional strangulation while the victim was vulnerable, the prosecution reinforced the severity of Lock’s actions. Lock’s state of intoxication during the incidents was also noted, painting a picture of the events that transpired and their detrimental effects on the victim’s life.