Man Receives Whole Life Order for Horrific Double Murder in Jealous Rage

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire – A domestic abuser has been sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for the brutal murders of his ex-partner and her new boyfriend. The sentencing comes after a horrific knife attack that resulted in Katie Higton, 27, sustaining 99 injuries, and Steven Harnett, 25, suffering 24 wounds, including mutilated genitals.

The perpetrator, Marcus Osborne, callously uttered, “Romeo and Juliet can die together now,” following the double killing at the residence they once shared. The court learned that Osborne lay in wait for Ms. Higton and launched a vicious assault on her as soon as she entered the house. Subsequently, Osborne used Ms. Higton’s phone to lure Mr. Harnett to the house, where he met a tragic fate.

During the heinous incident in the early hours of May 15 last year, four children were present in the house. According to prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford KC, the killings were premeditated acts driven by sexual jealousy and a desire to exert control over Ms. Higton. The court also revealed Osborne’s history of violent offenses against previous partners.

Ms. Higton, who was in a relationship with Osborne for five years before leaving him due to escalating abuse, described the relationship as coercive, controlling, and physically abusive. In the days leading up to the murders, she reported threats from Osborne, including warnings of harm if she found a new partner.

Osborne’s actions were described as horrific and devoid of any mitigating factors by the judge, Mrs. Justice Lambert. She emphasized the ruthlessness of the attack on Ms. Higton, calling it a sustained assault on a defenseless woman. The judge imposed concurrent sentences for the rape and false imprisonment of another woman in the house during the same period.

In a chilling moment during the trial, a family member yelled, “I hope you rot in hell,” as Osborne was led away. The judge concluded that the murders were driven by Osborne’s pathological jealousy and emphasized that his actions were solely motivated by the need to sexually humiliate and degrade his victims. The severity of the crimes left a lasting impact on the community and served as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence.