Local Democrat Encouraged Illegal Voting In Chicago

Lonnie H. Chambers Jr /shuttertock.com

Let us rejoice. Lori Lightfoot appears destined to become Windy City’s first incumbent mayor to lose re-election in 40 years. The corrupt Democratic leader didn’t bother to conceal the ongoing election fraud; in fact, it appears she even encouraged it.

In Chicago, inmates were pressured to vote illegally in the mayoral election for Lori Lightfoot. As a side note, even her criminal constituents did not want to vote for this woman.

Inmates in Chicago alleged they were being coerced to vote illegally in the city’s mayoral race. The prisoners, some of whom are accused of murder, said guards at Cook County Prison had pressured them to vote, even though some were registered to vote in a separate county.

When asked about the move, they said the guards were following higher-ups’ orders and simply “doing what I’m told.” It comes amid suspicions of ballot harvesting, with sources claiming the jail was the “perfect environment” owing to the absence of cameras and poll monitors.

It also aroused fears that Lori Lightfoot may return to government, despite her dismal 13 percent showing in the polls. Speaking anonymously, one prisoner told DailyMail.com that the guards did not appear to care that they may be breaching the law. He stated that when he questioned the guard if he inquired whether individuals were registered to vote, he responded, “no.” He then told the guard that he should because if inmates are registered to vote elsewhere, like himself, it is a felony offense. He said it was criminal because you cannot vote in two separate jurisdictions. The guard stated that he was simply doing what he was instructed to do.

A murder-charged convict claims that 21 of the 48 inmates in Division 11 had cast ballots, but none were questioned if they were registered or qualified to vote. He said they just asked who wished to vote.

According to an unidentified source acquainted with Chicago County Prison, the facility is excellent for ballot harvesting. Cameras within the jail are infamously inoperable. There are no election observers present. Who would believe a prisoner if they complained? Who would know if you had attempted to influence a ballot?

72.3 percent of the 7,480 convicts under the custody of the Cook County jail are black, 19.1 percent are Latino, and 7.8 percent are white. The breadth of inmate transgressions includes murder, carjacking, sexual assault on a child, and armed robbery.

According to Chicago voters, violent crime is their top concern in the contest for mayor, as it continues to skyrocket under Lightfoot.

Nine candidates, including Mayor Lightfoot, ran for mayor of Chicago on Tuesday. According to the source, the political stakes are high, and senior Cook County jail officials exerted pressure to turn out the prison vote.

Last week, Lightfoot was attacked for advising South Side Chicago voters not to vote if they do not support her re-election. She now claims she spoke in error and stated that if she said anything other than everyone everywhere must vote, she “misspoke “during a “heated campaign rally.”

She claims she has been consistent all along, saying that everyone, everyone, ought to vote. Lightfoot was also criticized for tweeting a graphic encouraging Chicagoans to vote multiple times in the mayoral election.

The most recent polls going into Tuesday’s election have indicated that former Chicago Public Schools Chancellor Paul Vallas has increased his lead to 32 percent, followed by Cook County Board Commissioner Brandon Johnson at 18 percent and Mayor Lori Lightfoot at 13 percent. Fourteen percent were unsure at the time the poll was taken. Unless a clear majority is achieved, a runoff election will occur on April 4.

Officials anticipate several recount petitions, which will not commence until two to three weeks after the election. Lightfoot’s candidacy for re-election as mayor of Chicago has been hampered by the fact that many people feel afraid in the city’s crime-ridden environment.

A spokesperson for the Cook County Sheriff stated that neither you nor the persons making these allegations understand how the voting process operates. The Prison functions only as a polling location, and the Sheriff’s Office has no control over voting operations or polling station procedures. Non-registered voters are unable to vote in any election.

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