Life in Prison Sentence Handed Down for Murder in Hågat Shoot-Out

HAGÅTÑA, Guam – Nathan Jon Ojeda was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and an additional 25 years, for the fatal shooting of Anthony “AJ” H. Mendiola in Hågat. The presiding judge handed down the sentence for aggravated murder with the use of a deadly weapon, following Ojeda’s guilty verdict nearly a year after the shooting took place.

Attorney General Douglas Moylan expressed that “this type of crime is the ultimate offense to our people.” The AG’s office hailed the sentencing as a victory and emphasized the importance of imposing tough consequences on criminals to deter future criminal acts.

Assistant Attorney General Basil O’Mallan and Assistant Attorney General Sean Brown prosecuted the case. The AG’s office stressed their commitment to protecting the community and fighting to imprison those who seek to cause harm.

According to court documents, the shooting took place on San Vicente Avenue in Hågat, where Ojeda fired shots from a purple Jeep, resulting in a shootout. Mendiola was found unresponsive with multiple gunshots in his torso, and later pronounced dead at the Naval Hospital.

Law enforcement later located the purple Jeep at Ojeda’s house, and discovered 9mm casings in the vehicle, matching the ammunition found at the scene.

In summary, Nathan Jon Ojeda was sentenced to life in prison without parole, plus a consecutive 25 years, for the murder of Anthony “AJ” H. Mendiola in Hågat. The case was prosecuted by the AG’s office, and court documents revealed the details of the fatal shooting.