Kari Lake Provides Critical Update Regarding Lawsuit

Image by lev radin / Shutterstock.com

Kari Lake provides a “critical update” on “the strongest election lawsuit in United States history.” As a court held a brief hearing on her lawsuit attempting to invalidate the election of Democrat Katie Hobbs as Arizona’s next governor, Republican Kari Lake gave what she termed a vital update on the struggle to restore Arizona.

In a Rumble video, Lake stated that her legal team had been tirelessly investigating and collecting sworn declarations from whistleblowers and witnesses to assemble the strongest election case in U.S. history. Adding that complaint filed on her behalf reveals several problems that have plagued Arizona’s voting system and disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Arizonans. She said Maricopa County’s Election Day was a complete disaster unless you’ve been “living under a rock.”

In addition to huge queues, voters waited for hours at the polls while voting equipment malfunctioned, according to Lake. Lake released the footage on Twitter, showing the disaster, and adding that Election Day operations in Maricopa County were a disaster. Lake stated that the troubles on Election Day were nothing new and blamed her opponent.

Arizona was confronted with the most extreme instance of the fox protecting the hen house when. She stated that her opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, refused to recuse herself from supervising her election.

According to Lake, Maricopa County officials opposed to her candidacy were aware that many of her supporters would vote in person on what she termed a “sabotaged Election Day.”

Lake asserts that her case calls into doubt the validity of 300,000 ballots that, according to her, lacked a clear chain of custody and so should not have been tallied. She also stated that ballots that failed the signature verification test were tallied.

She added that the movement is so potent that those in charge of her state’s electoral system, including the lady she ran against, did everything in their power to silence and dispose of their vote.

They believed we would accept the results of a stolen election, and they were in error. Lake expressed that she is more determined than ever to fight for the millions of Arizonans sickened by years of bungled elections.

Judge Peter Thompson of the Maricopa County Superior Court granted Hobbs, serving as secretary of state, and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors until Thursday at noon to file motions to dismiss Lake’s complaint. The Arizona Mirror, a non-profit online news source, reports that Lake’s legal team has until noon on Saturday to respond. If necessary, oral arguments are scheduled for December 19, and evidence hearings are scheduled on December 20 and 21.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Andy Gaona, an attorney with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, told the court the secretary believes this case can be dismissed without having to hold an evidentiary hearing on motions to dismiss. Any additional delay will jeopardize the smooth transfer of power, Gaona reportedly told KPNX-TV in Phoenix. KPNX stated that Thompson knew that Hobbs was scheduled to take office on January 2.

Thompson stated that the ruling would take them to the eleventh hour, which causes him grave anxiety, adding that the ruling is not something he would be able to do in fifteen minutes.