Jealous Rage Leads to Fatal Shooting at Vigil: Police

HARRISBURG, Pa. – In a tragic turn of events, Adrian Norris has been accused of fatally shooting 22-year-old Marshall Vujasinovich at a vigil in October. The shooting occurred at 19th and Holly streets during a vigil service for a victim of a fatal car crash. According to police, Norris drove his girlfriend’s car to and from the scene, and video recordings captured his movements around the city before the fatal shooting.

During an extensive preliminary hearing, District Judge Hanif Johnson approved sending Norris’ case to Dauphin County Court. The purpose of the preliminary hearing is to determine if a crime has been committed and if the defendant is most likely the person who committed it. This hearing revealed more evidence in the case, including testimony from Corporal Anthony Cummings, a city police supervisor.

Norris had called off from work the day of the shooting, telling his boss he was going to work on his car. Video recordings from a local AutoZone showed Norris entering and leaving the store almost three hours before the shooting. Additionally, prosecutors used license plate readers and video recordings to place Norris at the scene in his girlfriend’s car.

City detectives began investigating Norris as the primary suspect after an informant pointed a finger in his direction. Furthermore, police executed a search warrant at an address where Norris was thought to be living. Although they found evidence of Norris living there, they did not find the clothing or accessories worn by the shooter.

In conclusion, the evidence presented during the preliminary hearing implicated Norris in the fatal shooting of Marshall Vujasinovich. The case will now proceed to Dauphin County Court as the investigation continues to unfold.