Jasper Man Arrested for Strangulation and Intimidation, Hostage Situation Ends Peacefully with Children Safe

Henderson, Kentucky – A Jasper man is in custody after he was accused of assaulting a woman and endangering two children in his apartment, local police reported. Authorities arrested Delain Taylor following emergency calls stemming from a domestic incident at his residence on Giesler Road.

According to the Jasper Police Department, officers were summoned to the scene after reports of a woman in distress. Arriving on the scene, law enforcement encountered the victim outside the apartment complex, who recounted being strangled and threatened with a gun by Taylor. She alerted the responding officers that Taylor had remained inside the apartment along with two children.

Officers made several attempts to coax Taylor out of the apartment; however, he initially refused to comply. In response, a drone was utilized to safely assess the situation inside the apartment and locate Taylor and the children.

After about 30 minutes of standoff, Taylor emerged from the building and was taken into custody by the police. A subsequent search revealed both children were found safe and unharmed.

During the investigation inside Taylor’s apartment, police discovered a firearm and drug paraphernalia, adding to the gravity of the charges against him. Following the arrest, Taylor was transported to the Dubois County Security Center.

Taylor faces multiple charges including intimidation and strangulation both involving a deadly weapon, neglect of a dependent, possession of paraphernalia, and resisting law enforcement. These charges reflect the severity of the allegations involving endangerment to both the assaulted woman and the children present during the incident.

This case highlights ongoing issues related to domestic violence and the challenges law enforcement face when intervening in such high-stakes situations. The use of technology such as drones in this incident underscores a growing trend in police tactics to ensure the safety of victims and officers during potentially dangerous confrontations.

Local authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident, and additional details will be disclosed as the legal process advances. Taylor is currently being held, awaiting further legal proceedings, which will likely explore the detailed circumstances that led to this violent episode.