January 6 Reveals the Dangerous Agenda of the Left

Image by lev radin / Shutterstock.com
Image by lev radin / Shutterstock.com

What was the purpose of the Democrats’ hoax on January 6? The question is unavoidable now that Tucker Carlson has revealed copious evidence (with more to come) that there was no “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, and that the Democrat leadership was well aware of this fact even as they pushed through with their story.

What did the Left want to accomplish? They planned to eliminate Donald Trump as a political force once and for all and disgrace and demoralize his followers. But there was also a larger, more insidious objective: the Democrats hoped to use their fabricated “insurrection” on January 6 as a pretext to destroy their legitimate opposition, thereby creating a one-party state where only one viewpoint would be accepted.

The Left has been stimulating a civil war for quite some time,  trying to push Americans into acts of resistance they can use as a pretext for war. Leftists aim to use the very act of patriotic resistance as a justification for an authoritarian assault on the accused “insurrectionists.” In this way, they see themselves as having created a win-win situation: either they go along with their insane and destructive cultural agenda, or if they oppose it too vehemently, they can use the opposition to advance the authoritarianism they continue to conceal.

Leftists, however, viewed Trump’s “Stop the Steal” protest on January 6, 2021, as a chance they couldn’t pass up. If Tucker’s disclosures continue, it may become apparent that the entire event was premeditated; the footage of police officers quietly accompanying the QAnon Shaman ( the man with the Viking Horns and American flag) around the Capitol building indicates this. The Democrats were tired of waiting for Trump to show himself to be the dictatorial tyrant they claimed he wanted to be, so they decided to frame him by staging an “insurrection” led by the America-First president. Once they had their “insurrection,” they could repress the “insurrectionists” and push their own agenda.

In a nationally broadcast address on September 1, 2022, Old Joe Biden outlined the next phase of the Left’s agenda. In a dark, menacing statement over an ominous red-and-black backdrop accompanied by two Marines in full military gear, Biden stated that Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extreme threat that challenges the very core of this nation. The message could not have been more explicit: the establishment Left in the United States, which was the established power, was scared of losing it. Thus the course was set on criminalizing political dissent. If you disagree with Biden’s plan, the thought police might be at your door at four in the morning.

Biden said too much of what is occurring in society now is abnormal. The fanaticism of Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans threatens the fundamental values of the nation, the republic, and democracy. After making this blatantly dictatorial comment, Biden had the nerve to say that he was the president of America — not red America or blue America, but all of America.

No, he was not that; if he ever was, he was no longer that. He effectively resigned from his office with his speech on September 1, 2022. The president was not the president of a nation that wanted to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient. He was and is not a leader who prioritized America and its residents, and he was and still is at war with those Americans.

Before becoming the international symbol of evil, German chancellor Adolf Hitler urged the Reichstag to enact the Enabling Act, which would grant him dictatorial powers. He stated that this was essential due to an immediate threat to the nation. Hitler asserted that Marxist groups had gained control in Germany in 1918, resulting in an unfathomable tragedy for Germany.

Does this sound familiar? These were the same rhetorical tones Biden employed in his scary address identifying Trump and his followers as state adversaries. More than two hundred years after the founding of the United States, a president stated that his principal political opponent fell outside the boundaries of legitimate political discourse.

Hitler took the inevitable next step: He accused one of his most formidable enemies, the Communist Party, of the Reichstag fire and subsequently banned it. With Communist deputies expelled from the Reichstag, the Enabling Act was enacted, and Germany’s terrible fourteen-year experiment with a representative republic ended.

Nevertheless, that is not possible here, or maybe it might be if the Democrats have their way.

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