Island Pond Woman Reaches Plea Agreement in Fatal Accident Case Resulting in Deaths of Two Teenagers, Jury Already Selected

NEWPORT, Vt. – A plea agreement was reached by a 25-year-old woman from Island Pond, Katelyn Deslandes, just as the jury was selected. This came during the trial for charges stemming from a fatal accident that claimed the lives of two 18-year-olds, Logan Costa of Charleston and Taylor Warren of Lunenburg.

Initially facing two felony charges of grossly negligent driving resulting in death, Deslandes agreed to plead guilty to two lesser charges of negligent driving resulting in a death on September 11. The plea agreement, signed by Assistant Orleans County State’s Attorney Sarah Baker, Deslandes, and her lawyer, Kelly Green, could result in a two to four year prison sentence, with the possibility of arguing for any lawful sentence.

The accident, which took the lives of the two teenagers, has brought about a complex legal process. Deslandes’ guilty plea now adds another layer to this tragic event, leaving the final sentencing decision to the court.

The plea agreement has brought some closure to the legal proceedings, but the emotional and personal impacts of the accident continue for the families and friends of the victims. The court now has the task of considering the appropriate sentence for Deslandes, reflecting on the nature and consequences of the events leading up to the fatal accident.

As the legal process continues, the families and communities affected by this tragic incident hope for a just and fair resolution to honor the memory of the two young lives lost. This case will serve as a reminder of the devastating impact of negligence on the road, urging everyone to prioritize safety and responsibility while driving.

Deslandes’ plea agreement has prompted reflection and discussion about the consequences of reckless driving, highlighting the need for greater awareness and compassion on the roads to prevent further tragic incidents. The community awaits the court’s sentencing decision, hoping for a resolution that acknowledges the gravity of the situation and offers some solace to those affected by the loss of Logan Costa and Taylor Warren.