In a Surprising Twist, Ted Cruz Announces He is Not Running for President.

On Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz indicated that he would be running for a third term as Texas’s senator to the United States Senate rather than the presidency in 2024.

The Texas Republican explained to the press that he is competing for reelection to the Senate and that he is in Texas because he is fighting for the state’s 30 million residents.

Though he has proposed a law limiting senators to two six-year terms, Cruz claims he is running for reelection because Texans want him to keep working for them.

According to Cruz, limiting senators to two terms and representatives to three terms will significantly improve the effectiveness of Congress. Cruz has proposed an amendment to the Constitution to enshrine this principle in law.

Cruz has stated that he will gladly abide by the amendment if adopted. But he emphasized that he never said he would comply unilaterally.

When the socialists and the swamp are ready to leave Washington, Cruz said, he’ll be pleased to comply with the same laws that apply to everyone. Until then, though, he said he’ll keep fighting for the 30 million residents in the State of Texas because they asked him to.

On Sunday, Cruz again addressed the news of the shot-down Chinese balloon, stating that he admires Biden for having the guts to shoot it down since that should have occurred, even though it wasn’t done until a week after the balloon had crossed into the U.S. airspace.

As a result, the Chinese had an entire week to undertake surveillance operations, during which time they could obtain images and intercept communications.

It also sent a message of weakness to both the Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government by allowing the balloon to reach the U.S. before it was shot down near the coast of North Carolina on Saturday.

Cruz stated he could only imagine how this would have played out if nobody had taken pictures of the balloon. Suppose nobody in Montana had looked up and noticed this giant balloon if it wasn’t in the news.

He thinks they only shot it down because it made headlines. It sends the wrong message to the Chinese government that the Biden administration was pressured to do this for political reasons rather than national security reasons.

As the ranking Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee, Cruz has also spoken out against the social media platform TikTok, which the Chinese government owns.

Stating the degree to which the Chinese have infiltrated children’s minds is deeply alarming. There are problems regarding the messages that are being pushed to young kids. There are messages of self-harm, where the algorithm pushes self-harm messages on young girls, and alarming figures are being seen among teenagers.

He said that TikTok poses a significant threat since the Chinese communist government has access to all data the app gathers.

According to Cruz, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are worried about TikTok, so it would be wise to have an early hearing about the site and how it could threaten national security and harm children.