Heroic Nurse Sacrifices Life While Aiding Victim in Arkansas Grocery Store Shooting

Fordyce, AR — In a tragic turn of events at a local grocery store in Fordyce, Arkansas, a young nurse, Callie Weems, 23, was fatally shot while attempting to provide medical assistance during a mass shooting. The incident occurred on the morning of June 21, transforming a routine day into a scene of chaos and heroism.

Colonel Mike Hagar of the Arkansas State Police addressed the media, reflecting on the event with a heavy heart. “In moments of unimaginable crisis, we witnessed acts of bravery that define the best of humanity, juxtaposed with acts of violence that represent the worst,” Hagar said during a press briefing over the weekend.

Weems, a dedicated nurse and mother to a 10-month-old daughter, ran towards danger to aid others. Her actions that day were in line with how her family and friends knew her – always ready to help. Her father, Tommy Weems, lamented her loss but took solace from her bravery, “She died doing what she naturally did — helping.”

A lifelong resident and part of a family with a rich legacy in nursing, Weems’ compassion extended beyond her professional duties into her personal life. Just before the incident, she shared a moment of joy with her mother, Helen Browing, about her daughter letting her sleep in a little longer that morning. Unbeknownst to them, this casual exchange would be their last.

The gunman, identified as Travis Eugene Posey, 44, seemingly had no connection to his victims, initiating what authorities described as a random and senseless attack. Colonel Hagar noted that Posey would face multiple charges, including four counts of capital murder. He was captured onsite by officers who responded swiftly to the emergency calls.

The shooting claimed the lives of three individuals in addition to Weems: Ellen Shrum, 81, Roy Sturgis, 50, and Shirley Taylor, 62. Several others were injured; five remain hospitalized, with one in critical condition.

In response to the tragedy, Timber Harmon, a close friend of Weems, set up a GoFundMe page to assist her family with funeral costs and support her young daughter’s future. “Callie was a phenomenal mom and a hero. She died trying to save someone else,” Harmon wrote on the fundraising page, capturing the essence of Weems’ selfless nature.

The tight-knit community of Fordyce, home to about 3,200 residents, has been left shaken but united in the face of adversity. Local authorities and community members continue to show strength and compassion, supporting the victims’ families and remembering those lost.

As the town mourns, Helen Browning plans to keep her daughter’s memory alive for her granddaughter, Ivy. She intends to ensure that Ivy knows the depth of her mother’s love and the bravery she exhibited in her final moments.

Despite the horror of that day, the legacy of Callie Weems endures — a testament to a life marked by unabated caring and valor under the most harrowing circumstances.