GOP Affirm that Education Reform Is A Top Priority In the 2024 Campaigns.

Donald Trump’s first video message for his 2024 presidential campaign focused on education, proving again that he is in tune with everyday Americans. On Saturday, Trump spoke in the early primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina, where he emphasized the importance of education.

During the pandemic, academic achievement plummeted as liberal governments closed schools for extended periods and mandated masks. As a cover for more authoritarian tactics, the response to Covid used children as pawns.

The last time 50 million children were enrolled in public schools was 2019, the last full year before Covid. Public school enrolment has dropped, and experts project it will continue to plummet for the foreseeable future.

As the Democratically governed state of Massachusetts promotes Leftist philosophy in the classroom, the once top-performing state of Massachusetts has seen a 19-year dip in student accomplishment. Minority and low-income pupils and those who did not learn English at home saw the most significant drops in performance.

The alarming rise in illiteracy and the steep fall in academic performance are seen across the rest of the country. Over three years, the percentage of Pennsylvania third graders achieving the benchmark for reading competence has decreased from 60% to 50%.

Trump’s many rallies in Ohio caused a red wave in the previous election.

The state’s governorship and the previously vacant U.S. Senate seat went to Republicans, who also strengthened their supermajority in the Senate and achieved a supermajority in the House.

Ohio’s school system, which scores in the lowest half of the country in mastering essential reading and arithmetic abilities, is a prime target for capitalizing on this political capital. The Ohio Senate’s first bill would strip authority from a state body unable to deliver on its responsibilities.

With this legislation in place, the Republican governor would be able to select a new director of education who would be responsible for creating rigorous educational requirements. This proposal would make one individual publicly accountable for failing to teach children basic arithmetic and literacy skills rather than spreading blame.

Trump boldly proposes allowing parents to vote for the appointment of school principals to hold them accountable for their schools’ inability to impart even the most fundamental skills to their students. In 1955, a book titled Why Johnny Can’t Read became a bestseller for a simple reason: schools were not employing the most effective way of teaching children to read, phonics.

In schools where phonics has not been implemented for nearly 70 years, as many as 45 million Americans cannot cast a valid vote. In some cases, political operatives who welcome the rise of the illiterate are filling out voters’ ballots for them.

Instead of wondering why some of their peers can read while others can’t, many young adults admit they never learned. However, with the decline of taboos in the online world, many people are openly wondering why they were not taught to read.

Republicans may and should try to appeal to the voters hurt by subpar education if they want to keep their majority in the House. Georgia and Arizona are among the ten states with the highest illiteracy rates, making them crucial battleground states for the Republicans in 2024.

Voters who lack the literacy skills necessary to acquire and evaluate objective political information can only cast well-informed ballots if they know how to read. It is more challenging to win on principle in areas with high illiteracy rates since more votes are released due to ballot harvesting and big drop-box dumps.

Meanwhile, even a liberal Republican governor has heard the public’s frustration with the liberal ideology taught in schools rather than fundamentals. In 2017, Utah Governor Spencer Cox and Indiana’s liberal Republican governor vetoed bills that would have barred men and women of the same gender from playing the same sports.

The Republican-controlled legislatures in both states quickly overrode the Democratic governor’s vetoes. Also, Arkansas’s Republican legislature passed a bill banning transgender medical interventions on children against a prohibition from anti-Trump Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Last week, Utah’s Republican legislature enacted a bill prohibiting transgender medical procedures on children. Utah’s left-leaning Republican governor, Paul Cox, was astute enough to sign the account into law the next day. There is still more political ground to gain, but lessons have been learned.

It is politically necessary for Republicans to emphasize education at a time when illiteracy is on the rise in the United States. The children of many longtime Democrats attend schools where they are not receiving adequate education and are therefore not learning to read.