Good News, Republicans Are Leading In The Most Recent Poll

The most recent survey from Monmouth University indicated that a majority of respondents (47%) would rather have Republicans control Congress than Democrats (44%), indicating that Republicans are continuing to gain ground on Democrats. According to the latest Monmouth University Poll, economic issues are a more significant factor in this year’s midterm elections than concerns about rights and democracy.

Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, stated in a press release on Monday that because the congressional map favors the GOP, Democrats need to do more than ‘keep it close’ to hold onto their House majority. Murray’s comments were made about the congressional map, which favors the Republican Party.

According to the university’s findings, the percentage of voters supporting Republicans has increased by 4%, from 43% in August to 47% today. While the percentage of voters who support Democrats has decreased by 6%, falling from 50% in August to 44% presently.

The university stated that while Democrats have been advertising for the midterm elections with many different social concerns, including abortion and climate change, the Republican Party has remained focused on the economy, crime, and immigration.

Inflation (cited by 82% of respondents), crime (72%), elections and voting (70%), jobs and unemployment (cited by 68%), and immigration (cited by 67%) were found to be the most important concerns for voters.

When it comes to the subjects that are most important to them, Democrats are all over the place. Because of this, the party will have difficulty developing a unified message plan to inspire its base. On the other side, all the Republicans have to do to whip up their people is keep harping on the cost of living. Reminding them that ‘the wolf is at the door,'” Murray said. One of the most significant challenges that the Democrats have is that the rhetoric they use to rally their base does not have the same level of appeal to independent voters as the issue advanced by the GOP. Although legitimately persuadable independents make up a very tiny group in today’s political climate, a marginal shift in voter preference can significantly impact the outcome of congressional races.

The survey results also signal bad news for President Joe Biden, whose job performance remains low, with 38% of respondents supporting his efforts on the job compared to 54% who disapprove of his actions.

As far as these key issues are concerned, President Biden’s performance is not helping the Democratic cause. He only gets a net positive rating on handling Covid (50% approve and 47% disapprove) – which is one of the public’s lowest priority issues. Only 3 in 10 Americans are satisfied with Biden’s performance on the nation’s top issue – inflation (30%) – as well as other concerns that Republicans are focused on – i.e., crime (32%) and immigration (31%). Abortion (31%) and gun control (30%) score similarly low for Biden.

A majority (54%) of Americans say it is essential to have their preferred party in control of Congress. This measurement of control importance is slightly higher among those who want Republicans (62%) than those who want Democrats (58%) leading Congress, which is a flip of the partisan result for this question in last month’s poll. Similarly, those who want Republican leadership (65%) are somewhat more likely than those who want Democrats in charge (58%) to say they are highly motivated to vote this year.