Former Waupun Prison Warden Arrested: Links to Federal Smuggling Investigation and Inmate Deaths Uncovered

Waupun, Wisconsin – The former warden of Waupun Correctional Institution found himself behind bars on Wednesday, following his resignation in May amidst a tumultuous period of lockdowns, a federal smuggling investigation, and tragic inmate deaths. Randall Hepp’s incarceration was a stark turn of events for the institution, which has been under intense scrutiny since March due to alleged criminal activities taking place under its watch.

The investigation has led to the suspension of multiple employees and has implicated individuals within prison walls in the illicit acquisition of contraband items, including cellphones and drugs. The Department of Corrections’ initial findings hinted at possible financial crimes involving prison staff, further deepening the controversy surrounding the institution.

Governor Evers and Department of Corrections officials had sought federal intervention in June of 2023, prompting the ongoing probe that ultimately led to Hepp’s incarceration. This development coincides with a series of inmate deaths occurring between June 2023 and February 2024, prompting law enforcement to take decisive action and hold individuals accountable for these tragic events.

As Hepp now resides in Dodge County Jail, local officials are gearing up for a press conference to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the deaths and the measures being put in place to ensure accountability moving forward. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt and other authorities are set to address the public about the incidents that transpired and the steps being taken to prevent such tragedies in the future.

The press conference is expected to provide crucial insights into the inner workings of the correctional institution and unveil the steps being taken to address systemic issues within the facility. With TMJ4’s Mary Jo Ola on the scene to cover the event, viewers can stay informed about the developments unfolding in the aftermath of these troubling events that have rocked the community.

Overall, the incarceration of the former warden signals a pivotal moment in the ongoing investigation into Waupun Correctional Institution, highlighting the need for increased accountability and oversight within the facility to prevent further wrongdoing and ensure the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff members.