Former VA Nurses Sentenced for Lying About Medication in Veteran’s Death

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Two former nurses at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center were sentenced last month for providing false statements to investigators regarding the medication they administered before a patient’s death.

In 2022, a federal grand jury indicted Nina Nguyen, 27, and Andrewe Steven Hansen, 31, after suspicions arose about whether they correctly administered medication prior to the death of a veteran under their care. The nurses denied pausing the medication when questioned by investigators, despite evidence that they had indeed done so. It was suspected that the failure to administer medication in a timely manner may have been a contributing factor in the veteran’s death.

Both nurses pleaded guilty to lying to a VA investigator. Nguyen was sentenced to six months in federal prison and one year of supervised release, while Hansen was sentenced to three months in prison and one year of supervised release for their false statements.

The Oklahoma City VA Medical Center serves over 63,000 veterans in Oklahoma and north central Texas, with a specialized program that includes Mental Health Intensive Case Management, Compensated Work Therapy, and animal-assisted therapy. The facility has an annual budget of more than $508 million and is equipped with advanced medical technology, such as the exoskeleton robotic device for veterans with spinal cord injuries.

In 2018, the medical center was one of only 15 VA facilities nationwide to receive the exoskeleton robotic device, demonstrating its commitment to providing advanced care for veterans. Additionally, it is the only VA medical facility that performs minimally invasive outpatient lumbar spine fusion surgeries, showcasing its dedication to innovative and specialized treatment options for veterans.

In light of the sentencing of the two former nurses, questions have been raised about the personnel conduct and patient care protocol at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center, bringing attention to the need for accountability and transparency in providing healthcare to veterans.

In the aftermath of this case, it is crucial for medical institutions to uphold the highest standard of care and integrity in their practices to ensure the well-being of the veterans they serve.