Family Seeks Justice for Innocent Bystander Killed by Stray Bullet outside Kiambu Nightclub

Kiambu, Kenya – The investigating officer, Peter Kingawi, is seeking a 20-day extension for further investigation into the tragic death of Njomo, who was fatally struck by a stray bullet outside a popular nightclub in Kiambu.

The incident occurred as Njomo was standing across the road, speaking on the phone when a scuffle broke out near the club. Amidst the chaos, a gunshot rang out, causing those involved in the altercation to flee in fear.

David Njomo, the family spokesperson, expressed profound sadness over the loss of their loved one, describing the situation as unfortunate as Njomo was an innocent bystander in the shooting.

Reviewing CCTV footage from the club, the family observed Njomo speaking on the phone just moments before the violent altercation unfolded. The footage captured a man brandishing a gun and firing, resulting in Njomo tragically falling to the ground.

Calling for justice, the family urged law enforcement to thoroughly investigate the incident and hold the perpetrator accountable, as the footage allegedly shows a clear view of the shooter.

Described as a jovial and friendly individual with no known enemies, Njomo leaves behind a pregnant wife and a young son. As the family plans for his burial, they seek closure through the legal process.

With emotions running high, the community mourns the loss of Njomo and demands swift action to ensure that such senseless violence is not repeated. The investigation continues as authorities work to bring those responsible to justice.