Family of Mt. Juliet Teen Killed in 2022 Finds Closure as Shooter Convicted

MT. JULIET, Tenn. – Following a tragic incident where a Mt. Juliet teenager lost his life during a birthday celebration, justice has finally been served. A Wilson County jury convicted 22-year-old Caleb Mershon of multiple charges in connection with the death of Austin Gordon, according to District Attorney General Jason Lawson of the 15th Judicial District.

During the trial, evidence presented showed that Mershon unintentionally shot Gordon, his friend, during Gordon’s 19th birthday celebration in September 2022. The heartbreaking incident resulted in Gordon’s untimely death, leaving his family and friends devastated.

As the trial unfolded, Austin’s parents, Tonya Wilkerson and Jeremy Gordon, shared their emotional experiences of the loss of their son. They recounted the moments leading up to the tragedy and the impact it has had on their family.

Despite the conviction, Austin’s family expressed a mix of emotions, from relief at the verdict to the unbearable pain of losing their beloved son. They sought closure and hoped for a maximum sentencing for Mershon in honor of Austin’s memory.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled for September 10, marking two years since Austin’s passing. The family continues to mourn their loss while seeking solace in the legal resolution of the case.

Throughout the trial, the support of the district attorney’s office and witnesses who tried to save Austin and spoke during the proceedings was acknowledged by the family. Their resilience and determination to seek justice for Austin’s death resonated during the trial, underscoring the lasting impact of the tragedy on their lives.

As they navigate the aftermath of this heartbreaking event, Austin’s family remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice and remembrance of their beloved son. They hope that by sharing their story, they can raise awareness about the consequences of reckless actions and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

In the wake of this trial, the community stands in solidarity with Austin’s family, offering support and empathy as they continue to process their grief and advocate for justice in his honor.