Families of Greenwood Park Mall Shooting Victims File Lawsuit Against Mall Owner and Security Firm

INDIANAPOLOS, IN — Legal actions have intensified following the tragic event on July 17, 2022, at Greenwood Park Mall, where a shooter claimed the lives of three individuals. The families of the victims, Pedro Pineda, Rosa Pineda, and Victor Gomez, filed lawsuits against mall owner Simon Property Group and security provider Allied Universal Security Services. The legal documents were submitted in Marion County Court, asserting negligence on the part of both entities in failing to provide adequate security measures.

The lawsuits articulate a claim that the security measures deployed were disproportionately distributed across different demographic zones within the premises, suggesting a neglect of the specific threats at Greenwood Park Mall. Allegations point toward a lack of adequate surveillance and preemptive actions that could have possibly prevented the incident.

The legal action requests a jury trial and seeks unspecified damages, reflecting the families’ desire for accountability and reparation for their profound losses. This lawsuit aligns with previous cases where patrons’ safety was compromised, suggesting a pattern of insufficient security protocols at properties managed by these companies.

The day of the incident, as described in court filings, saw the shooter allegedly bypassing multiple layers of security—including patrols and surveillance cameras—with a backpack large enough to carry assault weapons, unchallenged until he reached the mall’s interior. Furthermore, the complaints detail that there was no significant security presence in the critical moments leading up to and during the tragedy, nor were there efforts to evacuate the mall when the risk became apparent.

The impact of the shooting extends beyond that tragic day, as illustrated by another family’s lawsuit from an event on the same date. Eumeka Stewart, whose daughters were present during the onslaught, recounted the terror of trying to reach her children amid the chaos. Her daughter Kaya was injured severely while her sibling narrowly escaped harm. The Stewart family’s lawsuit, also aimed at Simon Property Group and Allied Universal Security Services, underscores the lasting trauma and the drastic measures they have had to adopt, including home-schooling and ongoing medical treatment for psychological and physical ailments stemming from the incident.

Responses to the lawsuits have been limited. Simon Property Group has yet to formally reply to the allegations in court, and Allied Universal Security Services has refrained from commenting on ongoing litigation.

As these legal battles unfold, they highlight a critical dialogue about the responsibilities of property owners and security firms to ensure the safety of their patrons. These cases could potentially influence how security is managed at malls and similar public venues across the nation, prompting a reevaluation of strategies to mitigate such devastating events in the future.

The community and the families affected continue to grapple with the aftermath, awaiting justice and changes that might restore a sense of security in public spaces. As the court proceedings progress, many are watching closely, hopeful for resolutions that will bring peace to the families and prevent future tragedies.