Eerie Polish Thriller ‘Detective Forst’ Takes Viewers on a Gritty Mystery in the Tatra Mountains

ZAKOPANE, POLAND – Detective Forst, a six-episode series on Netflix, follows a commissioner dealing with past trauma as he investigates a serial killer in the Tatra Mountains. The show, directed by Daniel Jaroszek, is based on two novels by popular Polish crime author Remigiusz Mróz.

The story revolves around Commissioner Wiktor Forst, who has been transferred to Zakopane from Krakow due to past disciplinary issues. Despite pushback from the local police department, Forst is determined to solve the case of a serial killer targeting the region’s mountainous area. With the help of journalist Olga Szrebska and hacker Staszek, Forst continues to investigate the crimes, facing resistance from his boss and the local law enforcement.

The show’s eerie and atmospheric setting, along with Borys Szyc’s strong performance as Forst, sets the tone for an intriguing police procedural drama. The mountains, weather, and local traditions add another layer of complexity to the story, making it reminiscent of Nordic noir shows. Furthermore, Forst’s troubled personal life, chronic migraines, and trauma-related flashbacks provide depth to the character and add to the suspense of the investigation.

The series highlights the struggle of an unconventional detective working against the odds to catch a serial killer. With its gripping storyline and captivating visuals, Detective Forst is a compelling addition to the crime drama genre. The show masterfully captures the grandeur of the Polish Highlands and showcases a strong central performance by Borys Szyc in the title role.

In conclusion, Detective Forst offers a moody and engaging portrayal of a detective’s relentless pursuit of justice, set against the backdrop of the hauntingly beautiful Podhale region of Poland.