Drug Dealer Tino Andre Jones Jr. Sentenced to 135 Months for Savage Overdose Death

SAVAGE, Minn. – Tino Andre Jones Jr., a 34-year-old from Woodbury, has been sentenced to 135 months in prison for third-degree murder in the overdose death of a Savage man, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed. The sentence was handed down on Dec. 22, following Jones’ guilty plea earlier this year.

Scott County Attorney Ron Hocevar praised the efforts of the Savage Police Department, the Dakota County Drug Task Force, and the county attorney’s office in securing the plea deal. He emphasized that convictions in drug overdose cases are challenging to obtain, making this resolution an important step in holding a drug dealer accountable for the consequences of their actions.

The case stemmed from an incident in August 2020, when a 33-year-old man was found dead in a Savage home. Text messages on the victim’s phone, which pointed to Jones as the alleged supplier of narcotics, played a crucial role in the investigation. Additional evidence, including GPS cell phone tower locations and pill seizures, linked Jones to the victim.

The victim’s cause of death was determined to be a mixed toxicity from a drug overdose involving ethanol, fentanyl, and oxycodone. The successful prosecution in this case highlights the complex and challenging nature of holding drug dealers responsible for the harm caused by their illicit activities.

As a result of law enforcement’s dedication and thorough investigative work, Jones was brought to justice for his role in the tragic overdose death in Savage. The sentencing serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to combat drug-related crimes and hold individuals accountable for contributing to the opioid epidemic.