Devastating Losses Lead to Hope: God Never Left, Says Grieving Daughter in Uplifting Song

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The worship song “You Never Left” holds a deeply personal meaning for Marie-Anne Thiang, 33, as it emerged from a time of immense grief and crisis over the past 15 years. Born into a life of constant relocations due to her father’s job, she struggled to form social connections, relying on escapism through reading and television. Her world was further shattered at 16 when her mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, ultimately passing away after a long and painful battle.

Seeking solace and direction, Marie-Anne turned to her church community, immersing herself in church activities and prayer meetings. After high school, she made the life-changing decision to serve full-time in the church, eventually moving in to live with the church staff and their families. However, as doubts and questions about the church’s teachings arose, she found herself at a crossroads and ultimately made the difficult decision to leave.

Seeking a new church community that was open to addressing her doubts and questions, she found solace and support at Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur. Just as she was beginning to find her place in this community, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, bringing with it a new wave of grief as her father and stepmother fell ill, with her father ultimately succumbing to the illness.

In the midst of all this, Marie-Anne found support from her church community, friends, and colleagues, as well as finding renewed strength and purpose through pursuing higher education and a new job. Through her journey of loss and healing, she learned the importance of remaining steadfast in her faith, finding inspiration in the biblical character of Job. Despite the hardships, she has grown to love, trust, and serve within her church community, recognizing the significance of broken people in God’s plan.

Two years on, Marie-Anne continues her healing journey, embracing a balanced perspective on church leadership and finding a renewed appreciation for the Word of God. Despite the hardships she has faced, she remains resolute in her faith, echoing the sentiment that it’s okay to experience a range of emotions, as long as one never walks away from God’s presence.

Through her story of loss and rediscovery, Marie-Anne’s heartfelt lyrics in “You Never Left” ring true: “You never left, never questioned, never thought that You should give up, you kept hoping, you kept trusting, and never thought you should stop loving.”