Deadly Tornado Devastates Town of Greenfield with Severe Storms Set to Strike Across US

Greenfield, Iowa – A deadly tornado has struck the town of Greenfield, Iowa, resulting in multiple fatalities as severe storms loom over a large part of the US later this week. Authorities in Iowa confirmed the tragic deaths in Greenfield, with numerous individuals injured and taken to area hospitals for treatment. The tornado left a trail of destruction in the town, impacting homes and causing widespread damage.

Governor Kim Reynolds has authorized a disaster declaration for 15 counties in Iowa in response to the inclement weather. The governor expressed condolences for those affected by the severe weather, particularly those who lost their lives in Greenfield. The devastating tornado also resulted in the destruction of wind turbines, trees, and power lines in various parts of Iowa.

The National Weather Service reported a total of 20 tornadoes in Iowa and one in Wisconsin. The severe weather is expected to move eastward, affecting a 1,500-mile stretch of the US from Vermont to southern Texas. In Texas, extreme heat and power outages are adding to the challenges faced by residents in the midst of the severe weather conditions.

The recent extreme weather events follow a tragic incident in Houston, where eight people lost their lives due to a severe storm over the weekend. Houston’s mayor highlighted the impact of the storm, attributing several deaths to falling trees and other weather-related incidents. As communities across the US brace for further severe weather, authorities are urging residents to stay vigilant and prepared for potential storms and their aftermath.