Cuban Migrant Murders New York City Art Gallery Owner in Gruesome Rio de Janeiro Crime Spree

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Brazilian authorities have reported finding evidence of blood in the apartment and vehicle of Alejandro Triana, the suspect in the murder of New York City art gallery owner Brent Sikkema. The 30-year-old Triana allegedly stabbed Sikkema 18 times in the face and chest at his residence in Rio de Janeiro last weekend.

Investigators in São Paulo said they also discovered blood stains in clothing left behind by Triana at his home as he attempted to evade capture after the brutal murder. Moreover, traces of blood were found in the car that Triana used to travel to and from Sikkema’s two-story apartment.

After a manhunt, Triana was eventually arrested at a gas station in Ureaba, Minas Gerais. It was reported that he is scheduled to be interrogated for the first time Saturday morning and then transferred to a local prison.

Authorities have also expressed an interest in questioning Triana about potential connections to Sikkema’s husband, Daniel Sikkema, who is also Cuban. They have not ruled out the possibility that the gruesome murder was orchestrated by another person.

Furthermore, details have emerged about the ongoing dispute between Sikkema and his husband. Sikkema had reportedly expressed concerns about being denied access to their 12-year-old son and had spent one night in a New York City jail after disobeying a court order.

Investigators have also learned that Triana migrated to Brazil in 2022 and requested refugee status. He is said to have met Sikkema in Rio de Janeiro in 2023.

As the investigation continues, additional information has surfaced, including surveillance camera videos showing Triana allegedly surveying Sikkema’s residence on the day of the murder.

An overarching narrative is beginning to emerge in the tragic case, shedding light on the complexities and motivations behind the crime. The ongoing efforts of the authorities aim to uncover the full extent of the circumstances surrounding Sikkema’s untimely and violent death.